Is there any point all to take care of yourself if your an ugly, slim guy like me who wants to have a girlfriend or should I just give up?

Reason i'm asking is because i've always believed that being ugly means you are mean't to be forever alone but whenever i talk to my dad about it he keeps denying it and says that i can have a girlfriend as long i take care of myself by being clean, brushing teeth, face, month etc and keep learning.

I find it hard to believe since he lived in a time were relationships were easier since internet didn't influence our choice of partners and so people weren't as picky as they are now. If you look at todays society we put a lot of expectations of each others and i'm sure an ugly person never gets a girlfriend until he turns 30 or 40 because at that time we have all become less attractive. I'm sometimes wondering if my dad had gained experience at all with girls during his twenties.


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  • I'm sorry you feel that way. You are under 18 so please do not despair! You are still growing into your looks, trust me on this one!!!

    I've seen so many guys who were awkward looking at one point and then grew up to be incredibly handsome, sexy men! So I'm sure your dad is right. Just be patient and give it time. You will be surprised at how much you change.

    Some tips, try to get a good wardrobe. People look more attractive when they dress well. Also, grooming! Very important! Go to a good barber or hairstylist. Get a cut that really flatters you.

    Also, we are our own worst critics. Most people see us more beautiful than we see ourselves. We are used to seeing our face everyday, but other people are not. I would love to see myself through other people's eyes.

    Also, being your age, it's hard to find a girlfriend. So don't feel bad you don't have one yet. A lot of people are just too nervous to date and are inexperienced. As you go out into the world you will meet different people. And there are tons of girls who will want to date you!

  • First of all I bet you're not as ugly as I think you are. Also if you're under 18 then you still might become more handsome as you mature into an adult. All teenagers feel ugly. Also many women actually prefer skinny guys.

    Listen to your dad. If you don't keep yourself clean etc. then you will never ever get a girlfriend, as poor hygiene is a dealbreaker for most people.


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  • its important to stay clean and keep hygiene up regardless, i mean how would you feel if you sat next to someone who smelled nasty while being at a store, restaurant, or theater? but being ugly myself, and not have anyone, i just dont make a big deal on how i dress and stuff.