Boyfriend has a grudge what should I do?

My boyfriend and i have been going out for over 10 months, recently we got into a somewhat a big fight, where i was being selfish and bitchy from what he said. I did not know, i was till after and i went into a big down mood, I did apologize to him about it. I still do, because I know it hurt him a lot since he said he had a bitter taste in his mouth about what happened, it has been 3 days since, and just today i asked him like really do you need space? he said no, I just hold a grudge. He did tell me he loves me, and that I won't lose him, and i am important to him. But I know its going to take time. What could I do to help his process to loosen the grudge? because I want to go back to being all lovey dovey like we were before all that big fight. and show him Im not like that, and I haven't till then, and that it won't happen?


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  • Nothing. You should give him some time.