Is it possible that girl with this 5 qualities exists?

All I want in my potential girlfriend are this 5 things

1) She is physical/sexual attractive for me. She doesn't have to be model, 10/10 and attractive in social norms... BUT she has to be physical/sexual attractive for me. Otherwise I don't care.

2) She is younger than me. I prefer something between 19-25.

3) She has to have streetwear style of clothing. I know many girls wear like that, but I would like her to be consciously wear like that, has some knowledge about etc.

4) She loves Marvel (or DC) comic books/movies/games

5) She loves to watch wrestling (WWE).

That's all. However I don't any girls who has all or most of these five things. Especially in Eastern Europe where I live. I think in North America or Western Europe are more girls like these.


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  • Lol that's the definition of a person I know

    • Link her!
      Tell me something about her!

    • Sorry dude she is already in a relationship

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  • Ok so I'm not pretty and I'm too old but I'm all the other things!

  • 😑 noone is perfect but yeah I have all 5 of them and much more haha 😂😂

  • but you forget something

    • what?

    • that she shouldn't care about your money while most of the Europeans do

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