Girls opinions very important!!! Tired of getting rejected. Women say my eyes are the problem... are they right?

My name's Paulo. 40 y/o. I'm incel. I've experienced heavy bullying all my life from women because i had big ears, crooked jew hook nose and droopy sad eyes (like Droopy the dog). Had no gf/s, no female friends. Guys were cool with me though, respected me a lot.

In the below photoblog as you can see in my before pics (25 y/o) , my ears were bigger, i had a jew hook nose and sad looking eyes. I had 2 otoplasties, a septo/rhynoplasty, jaw and maxilla advancement, and I had 2 canthopexies due to a negative canthal tilt or anti mongoloid slant (its what droopy eyes are called) . Last pics bald with beard/sunglasses are the most recent (im older in these ones). I also have braces on and im waiting to remove them in 5 more months or so, after that its teeth restoration because i had bruxism, teeth clenched and grinded during the night sleep and worn out and container braces. Maybe i will smile more in the future, although i dont have many reasons to nowadays.

I might have a revision rhino too, but im not obsessed with that. Some people see differences while others say i look the same, I honestly think i have improved.

Thing is women still reject me a lot and say im ugly and repulsive, the reason they give is mostly: you have a nice guy face, sweet eyes but sad. Some say my face gives the expression of a nice guy and they like jerks.

Maybe my eyes still dont look good? i dont know what to do. This is hurting me bad. I'm open to the possibility of another eye shaping surgery if that helps and if that's what turning women off.

Are the "sad eyes" the only reason women find me unnatractive or is this just an excuse?

Really tired of being rejected, i'm not datable im seriously thinking of going MGTOW, and try to live my life in other ways. No hate on women despite what their "voodo" did to me as a kid and nowadays.

photobucket. com/user/Picollo30/library/? sort=3&page=1 --> just join the. and com to see the pics as i can't post links


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  • Ok I've just had a look at your photos. First thing I will say is that they aren't very good photos, as it's quite difficult to see what you actually look like. The first 2 are too far away and a bit blurry. Torso pic - irrelevant. The eyes pic is actually not bad, just a shame we can't see the rest of your face. The next one is a bad angle, can't tell what you look like. Sunglasses hide a lot of your face, also a bad angle. The last pic is not too bad, but you've cut off the top of your head, and bottom of your face off.

    From what I can tell, there's nothing wrong with your looks. I don't think that's a problem.

    Dating is really hard, and sometimes you just get really fed up with it. Sometimes it's useful to take a break for a while, other times it's better to just keep trying. I get really fed up too sometimes, but am trying not to let it get me down.


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  • I think if your eye theory was correct, this guy would be considered hideous and undateable:

    Somehow he seems to be doing okay.


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  • Wait... Is this link right
    Is that the link you meant to send of you? If so, I don't know what the heck you're actually talking about! You're fricken sexy! Seriously.
    Is that the right link? Because what you say and what I see don't match up.

  • I am sorry to say this but... you're actually quite attractive, so I doubt your physical appearance has anything to do with it.


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