Girls, Should I be upfront about my size?

OK so I've been talking to this girl for 2 weeks now and we started shrink things about what we are looking for in the most honest way possible even the silliest things... so we made each other a list of things we want from a significant other... well on her list is must have a big dick! ... well I'm not big.. in fact in down right small and I just wonder if I should tell her this? Or not? I don't want to ruin what we have its great so far. What should I do?


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  • My advice is not to say anything until it is an actual issue. It may never be an issue so why bring it up before then. But if it does become an issue then bring it up.

    Even if it is an issue it is not that big of deal, no pun intended. lol! Women's sexuality is very fluid and there is all kinds of ways a small penis can still be the star of a show. :) No worries. It can all work out.

    • Ya I agree that it should work out if it's meant to be an she had substance.. But It was in her list for a reason.. And if I'm telling the full truth at this point.. I'm more than just a tad small. I have a micropenis. And it worries me about this whole situation..

  • She wants a big dick as her must haves for a significant other? that's funny. Sorta.

    • Well she had 50 on her list.. but that was 1 of them yes... a lot of the other had substance some superficial but we told each other we'd be 100% honest on these list for what we want...

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    • Ya that's how I feel but I know it's gonna matter and she's gonna he disappointed cuz it's on her list I just don't know how to bring it up? Like hey by the way... Im small?

    • The way you would do it is all up to you bud! I mean i can't tell you how to approach her with this topic. You know her best. But either way.. she'll find out. And whatever the outcome just realize that its for the best!!!

      best of luck to you!! :)

  • I sort of think you've missed your opportunity to say anything, no offence.

    I think what you should have done was, when she said that (and maybe you could do this if you end up in this situation again), was say to her something like "hmm, so if you met a guy who was perfect for you but didn't have a big dick, what would you do?" and see what she would say to that. And if she said something like "Why, do you have a small dick?", you could answer "I just thought it was a bit of a superficial thing to say."

    Then if she is still adamant that she wants a guy with a big dick, you would need to decide if you want to bother seeing her again (I wouldn't). If she seems nice and says something that makes you think she would be ok with a guy with a smaller dick, then you could carry on seeing her, and maybe bring it up before sex - it's kind of pointless before then, as you might not even last that long anyway due to other reasons.

    But I think a girl that actually cared about you would not be put off. So now that you have kind of missed the chance to bring it up naturally, my advice would be to carry on seeing her, and try to steer the conversation that way again, but subtly. I wouldn't ask her outright.

    • Ya I was just not sure because she obviously cares... And if I'm being honest like I'm more than just small.. I have a micropenis 😶.. So I just have fear over this whole thing..

    • Ok. So if you don't manage to talk about it again, just keep seeing her until sex comes up. If she indicates that she is seriously interested in having sex, (for example, hinting that she wants to stay over) then you will need to sit down and have a talk with her first.

      In the talk you would need to explain the situation to her, be 100% honest and tell her about your size. It might sound difficult, but I think that it would be less painful if she rejects you at that point, than if you got naked together and she rejected you then.

      Whether she rejects you or not, she should be able to understand that this is something that you did not want to tell her until sex was a definite possibility. If she is a nice person, then even if she does reject you, she should be kind about it.

      Good luck and I hope it goes well for you.