Is it love or lust?

So i have been talking to this guy for about 2 months now. We work together so we've known each other. I feel like i always spark up when i think of him or someone mentions him or i see him. Every time we work together, I always catch myself smiling when I talk to him. He always makes me laugh and sometimes, I glance at him when he's not looking. I am always so smiley around him. He's always making me laugh or smile. I just look at him and smile whenever he walks into a room. I am really happy when I am with him. I smile just even thinking about him. I feel like I can't describe how I feel. I just can't wait to make him officially my boyfriend :)


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  • it might be love

  • So just curious... do you think it is love or lust?

    • I feel like It could be love but at the same time, am i too young to experience love?