Ghosting, and other things men do to drop hints?

Alrighty fellas, what are some signs that guys do in order to leave a girl.
And do you by any means sometimes do them by accident
Ladies what are some signs you notice


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  • I look to see if he's slowly contacting me less and less. Never initiates contact anymore. His responses are short , and he doesn't leave it open for me to respond. If his messages seem more cold than usual. If he's always making excuses for late responses , and takes longer than usual message back. If he seemed less interested in me as a person.

    Obviously this would need to be consistent over time for me to start assuming he was ghosting me.

    Ghosting is hurtful so if I feel a guy is ghosting me I start to distance myself. I wouldn't make a fool of myself by keeping in contact with a guy who gives obvious signs of disinterest or indifference towards me.

  • First come excuses then they ghost. Or breakup. But if it's just dating then they just ghost. As soon as you get this weird vibe coming from him it means he's about to do it.