I have no friends (and don't want any), I've tried online dating, and I've tried cold approaches. So what should I do now?

I'm a college sophomore, and I have no friends, family, or acquaintances (which I'm perfectly fine with). I want to at least find a girl to take out on a date and see if anything happens, but I'm completely out of places to find anyone. I suffer with severe depression (yes I'm professionally diagnosed and it's being treated with meds) and social anxiety/severe anxiety disorder. I've tried online dating for over a year. I'm on 6 different sites daily sending messages, but with absolutely no results... I've tried meeting women through my college courses, but they don't want to talk to me before or after class. I've tried cold approaches at the library, coffee shop, and the store, but nothing works... I cannot get a job since I take 19 credit hour semesters. My college does not have any clubs that I could join and enjoy. I can't afford a gym membership so I'm limited on meeting women there (no I'm not out of shape because I don't go to the gym. I work out at home.) I've been told just to enjoy single life, but I honestly can't... I've tried countless hobbies to distract myself, but with no results... I've been told "make friends and meet women through your friends.", but I don't want friends because maintaining numerous friendships is something I dislike. Friends always treated me poorly because I wouldn't bend to what they wanted. And as you could imagine, I'm not someone who gets invited to parties, so those are also out...

i'm pretty much out of options for what I can do.


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  • Good part of it is probably due to depression. It isolates you from friends and family. Makes relationships hard to start and maintain.
    Is your depression under control?

    • Barely😅 I've been put on a different medication recently so I've been having trouble, but I've always been teetering on the edge of control and chaos with it.

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    • Volunteering is no priority to me. It's useless for me to do since i know I won't find anyone I would like to date there. Plus i get nothing out of it. It's time merely wasted.

    • It will give you a good feeling when you see smiles of people you help. Girls will think highly of you if told them. A topic to chat about.

      How about a little experiment?
      you post a Q here what do you think of a guy who volunteers?
      Even if you never do it. It will give you something to think about.
      good luck

  • Delete the part (and don't want any ) and u'll be ok😉

    • But i do not want any friends... I'm not interested in friendships I have to maintain. I'm only interested in a relationship, because I can gain happiness and enjoyment from it, whereas I gain nothing from friends.

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    • Do u have any crush?

    • No, I don't. The whole problem is that I cannot find any place to meet and speak to women. Besides, once you're out of high school "crushes" aren't really a thing...

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