She does not want to be in a relationship, but says she likes me what does that mean?

Hey peeps

I am a high school student looking for some help. I have been talking to this girl for around 30 days. We talk daily, and have been for the past 30 days. We have said it straight up, it is obvious that we both like each other a lot. The one problem is that she does not want the title of Boyfriend and Girlfriend even though everyone from school already thinks we are dating. She just wants us to be in the 'talking' stage where we are without the exclusive title. I have talked to her about this and we got into a small argument and stopped talking for twoish days. I asked her to be official and she said she does not want to because she got out of a 2 year relationship around 6 months ago and doesn't know if she wants a relationship. So she does not want to be official and I want that and we have discussed this. We agreed that we want different things (this was 2 days ago). Today, she texted me, and we have been talking like nothing ever happened. I have a close friend to her and she talked about the situation. She said she really likes me, won't cheat or anything like that, she won't talk to other boys or anything she just does not want to have the title. For me personally, I don't see what having the title changes, but I just don't know if this a big deal or not. The reason I am asking this today is because she told me to hang out today, just us. I am unsure what to do because we made it clear that we were done even though we still like each other since we want different things. So do I hang out with her in the first place? If I do go out with her should I make any physical contact like we did before I asked her to be my girlfriend? Also is having the title a big thing or am I getting too worked up about nothing.
Thanks in advance.


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  • Now I have another question and I hope someone could answer too

    This is the phrase. "He is not interested in a relationship only to be friends"

    Could that even be possible in the same sentence?


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  • I'd say don't work yourself up over this and enjoy each other's company for now. You don't pressure someone into a relationship status. You get there when you both feel ready and develop a strong bond towards each other. Enjoy each other's company, don't argue with her or you might jeopardize the chance.

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