Is a Winky face a sign of flirting?

This Girl who I've been friends with has been too flirty with me in the past month, usually I wouldn't mind, but she has a boyfriend, she's 20, I'm 21. She used to mention her boyfriend quite frequently, but barely ever mentions him these days.

Anyway was this a sign of being too flirty? I was talking to her online and she asked me about my coursework from University. I said I passed everything but I didn't do well in my exam, and she replies with "Going out in the summer will cheer you up ;) " She left a winky emoticon.

Is she being a bit too flirty?


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  • No, there are people who use it with no intention to flirt.


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  • Depends on the person I think
    I use it often, just in a friendly way

    • I usually use it in a jokingly way too, but with this Girl, she rarely use the wink emoticon. So when she wrote "Going out in the summer will cheer you up ;) " I thought it was a sign of being kinda flirty.

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  • A winky face is definitely flirting! There's no denying that so she obviously enjoys talking to you it's just the question of what she thinks of you now!

  • Y... No.

    • Amazing answer...

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    • Don't like it bud.. move on to the next USEFUL question. I admit it was kinda crappy.

    • Bad questions are the best though. Definitely the most important asked. They contain real curiosity and genuine feelings. The rest are so... Empty.