Should I be concerned where things are going with this guy or not?

Last week I started talking to this guy over facebook because I was interested in him. He added me and I spoke with him and turns out we have a lot in common. Unfortunately I realised he had a girlfriend so I assumed he wouldn't message back. He did. After 3-4 days of messaging he invited me out with his group of friends for dinner; I went but didn't get a chance to talk to him a lot since he was at the opposite end of the table. After that he messaged me that same night "Thanks for coming it was a good night; we should hang out again sometime soon". I brushed it off thinking it was him being nice.
But the next day he messaged me again asking how my day was and then said again "We should hang out again sometime soon". So long story short we organised having a movie day at my house on the weekend and he wants to stay from 10am to 11pm?
Since I didn't speak to him much at dinner I thought this was his way of getting to know me better but the way he was going on about this movie day he literally said that he will bring a TV to my house if my TV doesn't work and "impress" my parents even after I warned him they will be asking a lot of questions lol.

Not sure if his one of those really friendly guys or not? because most guys would never do this and especially if they have a girlfriend (as far as I know) lol.


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  • Be concerned.

    • I have my wits about me don't worry lol

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    • You need your own act so everyone else can see you amazing talents lol :P

    • Lol, Goodness no. I don't want to sign up and fall short. XD

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  • Your Just another girl on his list, he just want to get into your pants after that see how nice he is...


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  • This is not a nice thing you're doing, whether you have realised it or not. He might be trying to start something with you, but you shouldn't respond. If I was you, I would have cut all contact on finding out he had a girlfriend.

    • I realise that what I'm doing is wrong but after I found out he has a girlfriend I wanted to see if we could be friends; but clearly that's not happening lmao

    • It's not too late to get rid of him now. I wouldn't even offer an explanation, just cut him out of your life.