Is there a possibility we will ever be more or should I move on?

I met this doctor who's 12 years older than me and has a 4 year old son in early May. He divorced his wife 3 years ago. Unfortunately, I slept with him on the first date. I didn't intend for it to happen & I figured it would be a one night stand. We typically see each other twice a week, he would cook for me, we'd watch a movie and have sex. We were, in my opinion, friends with benefits.

He gave me unlimited access to his gated community and one day said, I'm glad we are dating. I countered back that we were friends with benefits. He said he liked me & didn't see our relationship in such a way. He did say he's busy but that he wants our relationship to grow. Although he's busy, he's made more time for me and we've gone out to dinner more often or a movie.

He he has a hard time opening up but since that conversation he's opened up to me more. I can tell it's hard. Twice I've tried to end it but each time it's hard. I don't love him but I'm afraid that I might lose out on the opportunity to fall in love. Usually, I'm attracted to bad guys. Although we did sleep together on the first date he's actually a great guy -- he's a devoted father, doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, has a great career. I'm afraid I might miss my chance with him. I'm a commitment phobe so I think this is part of the problem.

Question is, can this become more if I decide to stay? Or am I trying too hard when the shoe doesn't fit so it's in essence, a waste of time?


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  • Never know till you try


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  • I'm also afraid of commitment, but I honestly think you should stay.