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When I was in high school I really liked this guy but wanted to put school first so we decided to be friends. He did not enter a relationship until 3 years later when during a stressful time i told him we had no future. In less than 2 weeks he was in a relationship. We fell out of touch for a while and started talking again for 4 months now. we are going back to the comfortable place we were before. we have both admitted to still having feelings for the other. My issue is I feel it is just not worth it, no guy moves on so fast. I like him but I feel like it is way more than he actually likes me. who moves on in 2 weeks. Am I making a big deal out of nothing?


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  • don't see it that negative. I was in the same place once. No future with her she knew it, i knew it. And I realised it would be very hurtful. so i used the first possibility with another girl. not because i didn't liked the other one anymore but because i knew it would destroy me if i'm not doing anything. so i did it, couldn't forget her but found another wonderful woman i had a future with (in my case)
    so don't be too harsh. see where it is going and enjoy it without any bad thaughts


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  • If you feel like it's not worth it, don't continue.


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  • Who moves on in 2 weeks? A man that has been waiting 3 years.

    You are making a big deal out it. You didn't want a relationship before so it's not his fault he wanted to moving on quickly to being in one after basically wasting 3 years.


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