Girls, you tell your guy friend you only want to be friends, later start liking him & show signs that he doesn't get/dismisses, do you stop talking?

Girls, Do you stop talking to a guy friend you like if he isn't understanding your signals? If he real reason he isn't doing anything is because you have previously said you 'only wanted to be friends'.

A guy needs you to tell him it's ok to proceed with words when it comes to that. Why don't girls use words? It's so frustrating, it's unbelievably frustrating.

guess no one will answer... any girls have opinions on this, or have any guys experienced this?


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  • And yes although most would not admit that cause they don't want to seem immature but yes, you eventually change your focus because most would assume your not interested..
    It's not her fault u don't get her signals so to speak... or maybe you do and your rejecting her advances cause she's not addressing u the way you want her too, I feel like most men must realize we are different than you and your approach is different than ours, the way women flirt and the way men flirt are two different ways.. so it's either you let her attract u the way she knows how or I guess ignore her, if you 'force' her to flirt which makes her uncomfortable she'll run

    • So then what do I do? How do I get her to co. e out and say it? Or to say why she's been ignoring me?

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    • "I feel like it's her job to remove that barrier, or I will be blamed for ruining the friendship, and or not starting a relationship/ruining any little part of being in each other's lives. So I feel like I'm walking on a tightrope with my friend"

      I fully sympathize with this position.

      Opinion Owner - are confused men like us doomed because of this?

    • @theponderousone hahaha very high possibility. And somehow women will show us how it's our error, or us misreading signs, somebody else will tell us that you have to look at the sign, but we already failed. And this attempt at explanation is confusing me now, so I'm going to stop

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  • I would also like to know this... my crush only wants to be friends, but she seems to treat me like more because my other (closer) female friends don't do that.

    • Well when u say crush, does that mean you have the crush or she does? Either way it'll explain why she treats I am little bit different, or u perceived everything she does as special ya know?

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    • You thought of all that, and ur unsure if she is u.. and u said rejection, hmm define rejecting you

    • @tasten_honey I told that I liked her and asked her out. She said "uh, thanks, I really like you too, but I'm not looking for anything with anyone. It' not you, it's me."

      If that isn't a rejection, I don't know what is.

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