Should I close the door on this?

Ok about 3 weeks ago a girl in my computer science class started to flirt with me we talked twice. Before class she asked me about the homework from there k told her I know a lot about the class and I'm mainly in there because of my major. She laughed the next time I was in the library writing a paper for my English class she comes by taps me on the shoulder we talk for a little bit she tells me someone was supposed to meet her there but never showed and that she was happy she ran into me and gave me Tim Hortons. Since then me and her haven't spoke there is a guy in his 40s who sits next to her and tutors her who has a very strong IT background they talk all the time about assignments and stuff in general. Today I friend requested her she accepted but ignored my message I just feel like deleting her and acting like she Dosent exist for the rest of the term because this whole experience is really putting a bad taste in my mouth and reminding me why it isn't bad being single

Thanks for opinions
Ok major update


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  • Don't let a Facebook message affect you so much. Try and talk to her in person and see how it goes.

    • No there has been a major update she responded

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    • That's the worst attitude you could possibly have. Be confident and do your best. If that's not enough, you'll find someone else sooner or later.

    • I have never been the type of guy to compete for affection

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  • Forget about her and move on.

    • Yeah it's starting to affect my grades the funny part about this is this wasn't supposed to happen I didn't come into the semester with plans on getting a crush on a girl or even reacting to one she put herself on my radar because the both times we have talked she has started the conversation

    • Thanks

    • Ok major update

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