Would this work for a first date?

I kinda sorta asked a girl out but never said the word date. I told her I like her and we should meet up and talk and she agreed so we are meeting at a park and bringing our cameras as we both like photography.

I've never been on a date. I was wondering if it might be nice to surprise her and pack lunch for us to have, but I don't know if I should ask what she likes or just surprise her and hope she likes it.
If things go well I also would like to exchange numbers.

Guess what! This girl had a boyfriend and led me on to believe she didn't. But I know she isn't happy with him from our shared friends, so no date going to happen for me soon, but we aren't finished either!


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  • THATS ADORABLE!!! I would casually ask her about picnics/food but not mention taking food. X)
    Just make sure about what she's allergic to.


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  • I think it can, but what happened to the girl that you mentioned that sort of asked you out first

    • This is her!

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    • So she's like a cougar for you but does she look younger than her age?

    • Only 10 years difference, she doesn't look 40 Mabye mid 30's. Looks aside what we both look for in life we both are very similar in that, that's hard to find at any age.

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  • That sounds fun! Just play it smooth and be like hey if I brought a lunch of x, y, & z would that be ok with you?

  • Yeah, that's sweet.

    • Surprise her or ask what she likes?

    • Umm it's hard to say. Surprising her is cute but let's say she finds what you bring disgusting? Asking her is prolly the 'safer' way

    • Alright thanks

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