Girls, how does it feel to be the object of a man's professions of love/ interest?

Assume he's not just in it for sex. Assume he's not a street bum. He's semi attractive and pretty cool and otherwise not creepy. He focuses on you in particular even though there are other beautiful women. You respect him. I'm not saying you can't be swayed to go with him, and are considering it. I'm just wondering how it feels. You don't hate him for it or will try destroy his life behind his back? A guy who really acts like he's choosing you as someone special whats your first reaction


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  • It totally depends on whether I feel the same way or not.

    If I fancy him too, I would be pleased, and give it a try.

    If I don't fancy him, then I would feel flattered, but would never be swayed into dating him.

    If he persisted after being told no, I would actually start to get irritated and creeped out.

    If he accepts my no graciously, then I would wish him all the best in life. I would feel a bit guilty for not fancying him (even though I can't help it), and I would genuinely hope that he meets a lovely girl who wants him back.

    Women don't hate men or try to destroy their lives unless they have been very badly hurt and poorly treated by that man. Even then most women would not try to destroy his life, they would just hate him.

  • My first reaction would be, hmm mmm I wonder what's he's up too? I'd be flattered. But I'd also hope it's not an act, I'd hope he wants every bit of me

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