Choosing between 2 guys!

So I have 2 guy friends. They are best friends with each other. I'm deciding which one to ask to prom (I know they'd both say yes... but I wanna ask the one who I'm more likely to date). I can't make a decision to save my life, so any opinions would be great.

Guy 1: I've been friends with him longer, know him better, and liked him first. He's a social butterfly and is nice to everyone, so it's hard to tell if he likes me as a friend or more. He's adorable and I love his personality.

Guy 2: My best friend's cousin. I have more things in common with him. He isn't as open as Guy 1, so it's pretty obvious to me that he likes me. He's super nice and I'm more physically attracted to him than Guy 1.


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  • Take both be different...


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