What Is It About Me That Men Don't Like?

I was dating a guy who I have known for five years. We were friends and did not start dating until this year. I thought he really liked me for me but he doesn't. I live about an hour away from him and I went to visit him this weekend and he showed me no affection at all! All he did was ask me for money and make me pay for everything! When his child's mom called him to see if he could take him I offered to pay for diapers and wipes because he was telling me how much he wanted to see his son and he didn't see him in a few weeks. They had gotten into a fight on Facebook and he decided (against my advisement) to post their conversation for his friends to see, of course, she got mad and didn't let him see his son. So that was wasted money on diapers and wipes! He didn't apologize, didn't offer to reimburse me, nothing! I was pissed but I didn't say anything. Later on in the night (again against my advisement) he went to the casino and blew all of the little money he had! He had a whole attitude the whole night and he didn't want to have sex with me, but he wanted me to offer him oral sex. I declined since I wasn't going to get any pleasure from him. When I was getting ready to leave the next morning, he didn't hug me, kiss me none of that. I was really hurt and still am. I blocked him on Facebook and didn't even bother to tell him how I felt.
This is not the first time I have dated a guy like this and I am beginning to give up on men. Before this guy, I was with another guy for three years and all he did was ask me for money and put food in his house for his family stuff like that, but he made it clear to everyone we weren't in a relationship and when he didn't get what he wanted he called me ugly. I have not had a decent relationship my whole life and all I get are men who want to use me for sex or money. I dont understand it. I go to school, work full time and take care of my son. All of my friends have their perfect nice guy and I get loser douchebags all the time.

They never have anyone to set me up with and I hate going out with them because they always bring their boyfriends with them and it gets on my nerves! It would be nice to be with someone who doesn't want me for me but it seems like that's too much to ask for me. Why don't men like me unless I give them money and do stuff for them? Should I just face the fact I'm going to be alone unless I take care of some loser?
I have not had a good relationship ever since I started dating. In high school (I was the only black person) one guy broke up with me and dated my best friend shortly after and the other guy wanted to keep our relationship a secret because I was black. So I have dated all types of guys. That's why I'm believing men just don't like me at all.


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  • You are dating the WRONG guys. And they're losers besides. Where do you find them?

    • I met the first one at church and the second through a friend. I'm not big on online dating.

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    • What attracts you to these guys so strongly? Why do you care so much?

  • Is the father of your son around?


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