What should I say?

there's a girl who i like and i think likes me but im not certain and want to get to know her better first i texted her a week ago asking if she wanted to go to the beach with me and one of my friends (who is her cousin and how i met her) but she had her family over for her birthday so she couldn't
by the way i know she wasn't lying because last time i saw her she said her birthday was coming up.
I want to text her again but im not sure what to say.
basically i need a reason to text her and if i dont then what should i say?
as you can probably gather i am the worlds worst texter.


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  • Just invite her to hang out with you another day.


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  • Its not a necessity to have to text her. you can wait until you have a topic in mind. not much more irritating than texting someone with filler questions like "how are you" or "how is your day" or "what are you doing"... etc.

    • but i want to but have nothing to tell her that she would have any interest in.
      I also can wait until my friend invites me over and she happens to be there because the only times that has happened have been on his birthday and his little 8 year old brother's birthday and the next time he'll have one of those will be in a year

    • im sure you will have found something to text about by then.