Do you enjoy modern dating?

I am new to dating even though I am an adult already. I think dating sucks and it is not fun at all. I am currently dating this woman and I feel like my relationship with her is a rollercoaster. There are times that I feel secure in the relationship with her and other times I don't. I think the difficult part of a relationship is that you invest so much emotionally, but you don't know how the other person feels about you. I know many people say that you should have your guard up when you start a relationship, but if you do that, then a relationship will never flourish. In my situation, I really want a relationship with the woman I am seeing. However, I don't know if the woman I am dating feels the same. When we first met, she said she did want a relationship, but its hard to know how honest she was being. If my relationship with her fails, I think I will go back to being a lonely bitter guy; it is less painful than being in a relationship.


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  • I'm just waiting for a shinny anime guy with a white messy hair and with superpowers to drop from the sky, save me and take me to an adventure!

    ... Dating sucks. But there's no other way.
    My advice: if you're not sure then leave. With the right person you will be 100% sure from the start, you won't ever wonder, they will be obvious as fuck. Wait for that girl.

  • Communication. 100% effective
    Healthy communication at best


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  • Is there any other choice?