Am I the nice guy who finished last? I have a girlfriend but do not want her?

Girls on GAG are always posting what qualifies as the nice guy finishing last. I want to know if I qualify as a nice guy who finished last.
I am dating a girl I knew in high school. But I was not good enough to date her in high school. She was into other guys then and dated about 4 guys before me.
Near graduation she is suddenly into me and comes at me 100mph. So I decided to go with the flow, date her, and use her for sex. It feels like I'm getting leftovers and finishing last. I think I can do better.

Am I the nice guy who finished last?


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  • Nice guys don't use people for sex when they know that person want's more than sex from them.

    • (r. e. comment below) Yes, you were hurt by the situation. I understand that. But not wanting to date you is not a crime. It's not like she cheated on you or something like that- she simply didn't want to be with you, and then she changed her mind. If you feel the way you do about the situation, you never should have dated her at all.

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    • I'm sorry, did I ever call you a nice guy?

    • Nope, and I'm glad!

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  • ObviousTrollIsObvious

    • Do I appear to be a nice guy who finished last? I don't want to be a nice guy who finished last.

    • You are crazy lol

  • Obviously not. Nice guys don't use girls for sex. They're genuinely nice people. They dont use anybody for anything.

    • This... @asker, if you were a nice person before, you aren't anymore. Even the best of us can become bad people if they don't take care to move on from the past.

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    • Now you know that this type of eye-for-an-eye revenge will just leave you feeling hollow. Just forget about her and let it go, @asker :) best revenge ever.

      (Anon, sry for hijacking ur opinion...)

    • @theccanyon why can't i be like the other guys who used her for sex? Why am I held to a higher and different standard.

      Apparently I'm no better than her exes. Then why can't I be like her exes?

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  • I just think you finished last tbh (with her anyway). If you think you can do better you should take the moral high-ground leave her and go searching.

    • She said she wants to make me her last. I think I finished last.

    • Fuck high Moral ground. That's what people want me to do. I want to do what I want to do, my way. I want to use her for sex like her exes did.

  • Yeah, you're a super nice guy that finished last.

  • There is no category like that. It is all bs. A nice guy doesn't think to use someone for sex, he looks for romantic, passionate sex with a lover.

    • There is a category for the nice guy getting a girl 5th and dead last.

  • I feel like your trolling but why would you use a girl for sex if your a "nice guy"

    • I think I'm classified as the nice finishing last because she chose 4 other dudes over me. I'm using her for sex as revenge for choosing other guys over me.

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    • You really don't have that right. But obviously you refuse to be convinced otherwise.

    • @samhradh_leannan the truth is I had crush on this girl 3 years ago but mt crush wore off 2 years ago. And now I'm dating her but I I don't want her. she's mine to use now.