Regarding texting?

What are some things you should say to a girl if you're trying to flirt with her through texting and some turnoffs you should stay away from. Thanks.


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  • stay away from sounding generic, because then it sounds like a mass text. personalize it for her.


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  • Don't use preformated lines, I agree that they sound like a mass message.

    Examples of how NOT to talk during texting:

    1) Boring statements that show you have no life ::

    You "Whats up"

    Her "Nothing you"

    You "Nothing, just wondering what you're doing.. Wanna hang out later?"

    2) You're having a bad day and could explode at any moment

    Her "Hi john, I just wanted to see if you're free around 12"

    You "Jesus, everyone is texting me today.. I'll try to make plans for you, why?"

    3) Being overly nosey (aka being annoying with your lifeline)

    You "Hi jessica"

    Her "Hi, how are you?"

    You "Great, I just got done with the gym. Wanna get breakfast?"

    Her "Sure, where?"

    You "Well.. I was thinking probably elmers or dennys.. What are you in the mood for?"

    Her "Hmmm, have you tried IHOP?"

    You "Haha, of course.. Let's go there at 9am?"

    Her "Okay, see you then"

    You "Okay. Hey I have a question, what's your favorite meal?"

    Her "Haha, you should find out at breakfast"

    You "But I wanna know right now. What is it?"

    Her "French Toast"

    You "Omg I love french toast, we should order the same thing"

    Her *No response*

    You "Omg I love french toast, we should order the same thing"

    Her *Still no response*

    You "Do you want to cancel plans?"

    Her "Please, good bye"

    Examples of how to text CORRECTLY

    1) Being short and to the point

    You - "I woke up this morning and thought of you, can you meet me for breakfast?"

    Her - "Sure, where?"

    You - "Dennys sounds good to me, how about yourself?"

    Her - "Sounds great, but I would prefer IHOP."

    You - "Dennys today at 10am? Well do IHOP tomarrow, if you can keep up with me =P"

    Her - "Haha, sounds great. I'll be there."

    *At 9:45 am*

    You - "I'll be sitting by the back when you get here"

    Her - "You're already there?"

    You *No response*

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • What I mean by this answer, is that it's better to arrange a hangout session and then flirt with her/him there. Don't rack up a huge bill in texting over a phone, it's boring, it's old, and you don't get half the reaction you would "in person"... In person, you can actually SEE their smiles, which is priceless.

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