How to go about meeting this new girl next door?

there has been this cute younger girl who's lived next door for a while , don't really know her well , she'd be 17-18 maybe , really too young for me to date or be friends with so I never put any effort into getting to know her. around 2 months ago 1 or 2 new girls suddenly appeared next door , I don't really know either of them , one might be same age as other girl and blonde , but is also another one who has her own car and blonde and have to be mid 20's. I'm not really sure who she is or her relation to neighbours.

I feel frustrated that there is this hot blonde girl living next door and I don't even know who she is , saw her walking down the driveway in short shorts the other day and she looked stunning. but I don't even know anything about her , I've never really seen any guys over to see her so I'm assuming she's single. I don't really know if I'd even like her as we've not even hung or officially meet yet.
feel like they somewhat enjoy the attention when I notice them , often see them when I'm going to garage or car , they seem to always be coming or going in the driveway but at same point might be getting annoyed I haven't even done anything about it

not even sure where to try and take this , think the older girl would be bored by my place , nothing really to do over here , my room isn't for her type. and really not sure what there was to do over there , older house and with so many people living in it must be no space at all.
I'd like to talk to her but not sure how to go about doing so. or what I'd even talk to her about


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  • All it takes is a simple: Hello, my name is ____, I live next door and thought I'd introduce myself!"

    Also in terms of the whole: "my room isn't her type"... don't you dare say that. You'd be surprised how much that doesn't actually matter if that person is attracted to you in some form or another. Just be confident.

    Good luck :)

    • on the room I was just thinking ahead , being that she lives next door it be hard to not show it to her at some point , and considering the state of her house she might be looking for an escape or somewhere else nearby to hang out at instead
      guess I could introduce myself , they sort of already seen me by now and know I live there.

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    • still nothing yet waiting for a possible opportunity , haven't seen them around much last few days

    • Well if you walk by, or see either of them outside, just go out like you're about to go for a walk "somewhere" and just break the ice. May seem unconventional, but it'll give you a chance to talk with them.

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