Dating for fun or relationship?

i’ve been seeing a guy for about three months. the first night we met, he knew he liked me, enough to basically tell the world about us the next day. at first i thought this was too fast, so i slowed things down and i think i showed him i wasn't as interested. i even told him a couple of weeks later that i have a busy life, i think i was basically rejecting him at the same time but i was being too nice about it. one night, he texted to see if i was still up, i said yes. so i ended up inviting him over if he wanted to see me. he came over in 20 minutes. we talked until 3am, and in that conversation, we learned that we had a heavy past. he was in 5-year serious relationship, and before that 3 year relationship. i also came out of a 6-year serious relationship as well, so we had that in common. and then he asked me if he could be straightforward with me. i said yes. he said, “are you in a rush for a boyfriend?” i said, “no, thats not what i am looking for right now. i love where i am at right now, why do you ask?” he said he is also not in a rush for a girlfriend as well. so, i think we established early on that we both do not want a relationship at the moment. however, things progressed between us to the point he decided to take me out on a date. before he took me out on a date, we were out with our friends going to bars and stuff, and i asked him straight up how would he feel about me having fun in las vegas, which is one of my trips for this upcoming summer, and i may have been pushy, and he was a bit cold by saying he is not looking for a relationship. i said ok, he said well as long as u know where i stand. it was a bit.. cold. but eventually, we went out on a date, and it turned out to be amazing. we haven't talked about us ever since, but every time we r together, it’s always fun. we are always laughing, and we do have good talks. however, i found out from other people that he is also seeing other people but he also talks about me, a lot.


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  • It sounds as if he is doing just as a single man would be doing that was sort of shot out of the saddle


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  • Dating for fun. He doesn't sound ready to be in a relationship and you don't sound ready to be in one as well.