Does this guy like me even though he has a girlfriend?

I'm inlove with a girl that has a girlfriend... Sometimes it feels like he likes me too but he is way out of my league so it seems unlikely. Here are some facts..
* He makes an effort to spend time around me
* He never mentions his girlfriend
* He texts me sometimes and uses A LOT of emojis
* He has asked me if I'm single
* He told someone that I'm cute
* When I am somewhere where him and his girlfriend is, he sits next to me and plays in my team
* His hugs are extra tight
*He askes lots of questions about my life
* When he sat next to me one time, his knee was touching mine for long


Most Helpful Guy

  • Women always fail at this.

    Rather than being in a relationship to put yourself outside of (potentially desperate) availability, requiring someone to accept a cheater, & being a side chick/dude;
    be single, state you're interested in someone, then retract the statement after roughing them up like this. do not mention the interesting person again, and do not speak of interest in others afterwards especially if it makes them upset beforehand.

    tons of emojis can mean two things, 1 too much time on their hands & super desperate, 2 they get that people can read things wrong sometimes and set the tone with a =)


Most Helpful Girl

  • It appears here, dear, no Reading between the Love Lines, that even though he has Someone who he has Slapped a title On.. He is flirting with you and feels that maybe on the Side, he can have his Sweet cake and eat it Two.
    Don't Bite into, Don't Buy into it. He may not be Dumping his little Dumpling anytime soon. He sounds like he is in this Relationship Rut and he is Merely looking for something New with You and More exciting.
    Stay Clear, don't lead him on. You will only End up Hurt and be in this "Triangle Threesome," where you are Way at the top, looking down, side to side, at the Both of them, where the Three of you are on this Rough Ride.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Yeah he's keen, but you know don't be home wrecker. Let the home wreck itself and fall into a new home


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  • well keep your distances from him... he's taken

  • I think so yes