How to win the heart of a girl?

I recently met one girl outside, but she have hard character.
After we were in the club together on the next day, I said to her:
'I miss you' and she responded: 'oh c'mon dont be such a PUSSY'...
Don't know even what to tell her to get her attention, she is answering on me
likeing my pictures, but I think that I'm loosing.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Don't be a pussy, don't say I like you. I miss you, your so cool. Keep it all to yourself until she falls for you. One she does you can shower her with love. She isn't into it , most girls like that stuff but she isn't like most girls. maybe she is an alpha girl don't let her dominate you. Don't give in or she will loose respect for you. I'm speaking of this because I have said and done these things to guys. If she looses respect for you because you puss out or back down /give in to everything she does she won't like you. Stand your ground be yourself be a MAN

    • Very good recommendations, you're right I have to listen up to you and be more a MAN.
      Not just tell whatever I feel to her, because I reject her in that way, but this is me weak heart.

    • Don't change your sweet kind heart. Just don't wear your heart on your sleeve

Most Helpful Guy

  • I know this will sound lame but it honestly worked for me so many times.
    Be the traditional gentleman. Be fearless. Give her a rose. Ask her out. Be polite around her, Open doors... it works really with 80% girls


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  • Don't be a pussy like she said. Some girls don't like the romantic shit, ask her things about her day. Find something to talk about so you don't get her bored with sweet talk. Talk about her tastes, for example. But leave the "i miss you" and blah blah blah at home

    • I see, I mean I met this kind of girl for first time and perhaps it's going to be different.
      She told me that I'm good man to marry for, but she doesn't want currently relationships, just to have fun. She said that she need a man like me after about 10 years.
      Don't know what to do perhaps stop thinking about her that much.

What Guys Said 1

  • Don't give a fuck about her. If you are her close friend, and she is reacting like that she is an ass, if you are a pussy. Find a more naive woman, not a female hillbilly.

    • Yeah it sounds quite unrespectable, but every person is different for some reason.