What does it mean when a girl watches every other of your snapchats?

Am I looking too into this? I met a girl who I'm best friends with her older brother and I am pretty sure she has a crush on me. I was skiing a few months ago with her brother who is my best friend and his sister and a few of her friends. We stayed at my friends condo in the mountains and his sister had wet clothes so I lent her some of mine. I overheard her talking to her friends saying I'm already wearing all of his clothes, I might as well kiss him. She insisted on adding me on snapchat and she always watches a snap and skips the next. Trying to stay far from this one since her brother is my best friend and she has a bf!


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  • if ur trying to stay far away from her then why r u asking this question

    • Curiosity. Thanks for the reply!

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  • Fact is women cheat as often if not more often then men so dont be shocked about that. As for her being your friend kid sister thats kinda normal for her to view you in that way depending on her age of course. But to close this YES stay away because you boning your best friends kid sister is something he would not likely overlook or forgive.

    • Yeah I totally agree with you! And I know he would prob be pissed and that's pretty messed up to her boyfriend as well! Thanks for the input!

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  • You clearly know the damn answer to your question, why even spend one precious question like that thoooooooooo?

    • Just wanted to reaffirm haha. Thank for the reply!

    • "reaffirm" yeah yeah... No problem sir

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  • I think yeah, she has a crush on you, she seems interested in you.

    • Thanks man!

    • No problem bro. Its sure that she has something to you just watchout :P