Girls, Girls under 24 would you date a guy who literally never used social media? Didn't even have accounts?

I can't stand the constant connection we live in, I prefer face to face real relationships and believe all these sights only promote more cheating for relationships and also just less real close connection to friends. I have a Facebook I never use, my Twitter sits vacant for years now and on Instagram I only follow artists to know when new albums come out, people say I'm great in person but girls have said I seem strange too strange to date given my silence online, would that bug you girls?

  • If a guy didn't have social media I probably wouldn't get interested in him really, just couldn't look into him much
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  • I wouldn't mind at all if a guy didn't use social media, I would still fall hard for a guy for other reasons.
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  • I honestly think that'd be refreshing hah


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  • Honestly?
    FB is girly.
    The whole premise is like... a giant knitting club, or a get-together of "ladies who lunch".

    • "Status updates" of frivolous shit!
    • Conversations that NEVER go below the surface into anything of substance, because they're in the cloud forever with everyone's real names attached to them!
    • Etc.

    This is gna sound surprisingly bitchy, but, in all perfect blunt honesty, I actually see a man as a little bit less of a *man* if he has a super active FB account. It's just... nope. Nope.
    UNLESS (1) it's for business purposes, OR (2) ALMOST ALL of his friends live overseas.

    So... You are doing life the right way. Keep on keepin' on mah frennn.

  • My boyfriend barely uses his facebook, like he has about 11 friends and I'm not even one of them :P He also doesn't have twitter or instagram. I think it's fine to date someone without social networks as long as he's not all like 'oh, you kids and your internet interactions, you're what's wrong with friendships today' :P

  • Yes. I'd introduce him to it, if he wanted or was curious. :]

    Otherwise, I wouldn't push the issue.

    • No not interested at all I hate it.

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    • I wouldn't care with occasional contact but I literally cut ties with a girl who was basically my sister because he and she wanted to protect their marriage when they married. I mess her a lot and she really was one of my closest friends for the short time I knew her but I respect them protecting what they have.

    • @Smmyskittles i won't have a problem.

  • I'd prefer it. Because I'm the same way.

  • No.
    What rock are you living under?
    There is a healthy balance between social media and face to face contact.

    • Several studies have shown social media takes away from actual relationships and furthers what would be friends and communities. Several girls agree according to the poll.

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    • Wow you just got really offended. Yikes.

    • I am strongly against social media yes.

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