My problem with girls and some advice?

So let me start off with that yeah I know I have a problem trying to get girls, what makes it worse is that my friends are always screwing around with me about it. They always asking me how I haven't gone after some girls that are there in my graduate program, especially this one that I am interested in. Some say I give up to easily in this situation, because I was trying to get her to go out with me but she wouldn't. She ended up saying that she was talking to some one and so I left her alone for a while. Then I started chatting her up a little after not really messing with her for a month or so, but she thinks I am joking around.

In the meantime I met this other girl a week where I gave her my number, where she actually text me. So I have been texting her and so forth, but right now I am so nervous to call her. I want to call her and tell myself I can't let this second week (its only been one week since I have gotten her number) pass by without hearing her voice. On the other hand I don't know what I would say, because typical me is not the greatest at conversing with people. I feel like I would be repeating things that I have already said with this girl (which tends to be a recurring theme with me). This is the main reason why I don't really put myself out there with girls, because I tend to flame out really quick. In the case of this girl it seems like I chased her away already in one week, because before she would text rather quickly, now its she doesn't respond like then. People say don't take rejection personally, but it is hard not to take it personally when it happens so often. I would think that the girl would mention it, but I haven't asked either (to not appear like more of a loser). Just looking for advice on how to not be such a loser with women and actually how to close things whether that be getting a relationship (my priority), or even sex (still up there, but I have never really been the guy to do that hence still being a virgin).


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  • You should learn from your rejections instead of avoiding chances because you fear them.
    Go ahead and call her. Even if you end up repeating the same stuff, it doesn't matter. Do it.


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  • can you act at all?

    • I can, but with me you can tell what I am thinking. There are also certain moves that most guys understand to make that I don't know when to take and how to make it.

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    • Ok thanks man, I guess I have to think about it the same way, just trying to figure out how to take it less personally and not get hung up on one girl. Just get stuck because I really want that girl at the time and so forth, which is what I am going through now with this new chick.

    • man when i was 16 i was really fat and shy as hell.. my dad took me to the mall and was like we are staying here until you get 15 girls numbers.. it took a long fucking time but at the end i was like that wasn't so bad.. now i can talk up to a random she will either give me the number or won't but i dont give a shit if i get rejected cuz its one women. and once you get that confidence in yourself that you just dont care then you can start talkin to women u actually like without being all nervous and shit