Girls, Can you be brutally honest?

Girls can you be brutally honest?

Am I attractive

I ask because once again I seem to be slipping in the friendzone. Which by the way I don't even know how many times I been friendzoned but I can count relationships which still stands at 0 even though I'm 24

Thanks for opinions
Thanks again


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  • You're not ugly but not the most attractive. No, you shouldn't give up.

    • Why's that and why do most girls on here seem to think I am

    • For reasons you cannot change and do no worry about what the girls on GaG here think.

      You need to show "attractive qualities" in how you project and present yourself. Confidence is the biggest thing. If you walk around thinking negative thoughts and feeling sorry for yourself, it's going to show in your posture and your attitude and women will pick up on it. Make a list of things you're proud of and feed off that positive energy. Work on some self modification exercises. You can find helpful things online that will aide you in giving off a positive and upbeat aura that's more appealing to everyone, not just women. Hygiene and taking care of how you dress when you go out also helps. Setting goals and working towards them cues women in that you have some kind of internal drive (aka "he's going places"). There's lots of self-help websites online. Just need to work at it if you want results. Just remember to focus on staying positive-minded.

    • Everything you mentioned I already do I take care of myself everyday I step out the door I have on clean clothes and you can smell my cologne, as far as going places I know I am for starters I'm highly regarded at my work place cause I been with the company for 3 years but I'm also a college student

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  • Im sorry but no...

  • Bruttaly? No... you're not

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    • I have a good personality in one of those guys who Dosent label himself a nice guy but instead let other people give their opinions of me which I'm told on numerous occasions I'm a gentleman

    • But hopefully I'll find a girl one day