I'm dating a girl who took one of mt texts out of context, the paragraph at the bottom is my apology is it okay or does it need work?

I said - Don't worry about it, tbh im not sure where I stand as i feel like you don't want to see me again?

She said - I can't not go placement there's nothing I can do, how am i suppose to have time to travel to Southend from Romford and than back again and get up at half 5 the next day. Sorry but I just can't. I ain't even had any contact with my girl friends haven't seen them since i started at ccu. i told you when i started here things get complicated, nothing i can do about that.

I will say - Hey, reading my text back I realise I put it across wrong as I was overtired and being unfair I'm so sorry! I agree with you as I would never want or expect you to ever miss a day on your placement or not see your family and friends as I know how important they both are to you! Why I dislike texting!

I want you in my life so I will wait to see you again , after you have finished your placement and have the time to see me! I hope your okay :) and are enjoying your time off with your family and friends/

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  • Told you this mythical third date will never come to pass.

    • im starting to think that way, but she works on the critcal care unit and works the rest of the week!

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    • I know she don't at the moment but Im happy to wait till end of July im on holiday for two weeks anyhow! basically she's has to stay at her uncles in romford while at ccu, working and then travel back to essex to go home which is near where i live. She is also anemic so gets tired a lot!

    • Sounds like she makes a lot of excuses.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I think its a great apology, but I don't think it will fix anything.

    In her reply, it didn't sound like she was mad at you, rather it sounded like she was frustrated with the circumstances, and may be having second thoughts about the relationship.

    An apology probably won't change her mind, but then again I guess there is no harm in sending it.

    • thanks, why do you thinks she's having 2nd thoughts i haven't done nothing wrong?
      I said I would wait as she's works on the critcal care unit!

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    • Well that's a good sign. Who knows? I could be wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • thanks she was off of it and only went back on the day after she got angry and within a hour of sending the apology message she came off the site! Can't be a coincidence!

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  • I think it is important to make it clear you want to stay in a relationship with her and that you also need to be secure of her feelings towards you.
    Hope you both can work on it!

    • thanks we only been on two dates so im not sure if she's thinks we are dating or in a relationship but they been over the course of 4 months, after the message i saw her on the dating site and than she has deleted her profile, after I sent the above text!

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  • Lol Romford to southend? Thats a trip I tell you

    • so are you saying it's long or short?

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    • so can i get some advice for treading carefully, like how should i handle it?

    • Let her reach out to you. Thats all it takes

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