Do I stop or give him time?

So we had our 3rd date. On this date he revealed that just a year ago he broke up with his girlfriend of 7 years. Now I don't know if it's too soon for him to date or if it's good enough time?

Then he warned me that if we were to get really serious he may have some commitment issues because of his long relationship but he's not sure because it depends on the person.

He has 2 kids. I knew about this and I have 1 kid which is one of the reasons we get along. He has them everyday now which may mean harder times to get together. But I'm busy too so it's not one-sided.

I'm unsure if we should stop even trying to date given the circumstances? I do like him and we have a great time. I told him we can just stop seeing each other then but he said he still wants to see me and hang out because he enjoys my company and talking to me.

Do I see where this goes given the situation or do I bail?


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  • Wait and see where it goes. You just had 3 dates not 47. See what's happening, why rush anything?

    • Ok I guess I should stick around and see where this goes. I'm in no hurry anyway.

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  • You've only had 3 dates. And him opening up to you and being so straightforward/honest to you is a big plus, in my opinion.
    If this were me and If we get along well and i like him enough, I'd stick around... Hang out, get to know each other better, etc... And see where it goes :)

    • But how about the possible commitment issue? I do like him though. He's a good guy. But at the same time it's too early to worry about commitment etc.

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    • I see your point and your right. I think it just scared me a bit when he said it. But you're right, who knows how this will go. Maybe we will be OK in the long run. We're both taking it easy too so no rush on commitment or future. Just testing out the waters.


    • I can see where you're coming from getting a little scared when he mentioned about his commitment issues. But yes... that's what I meant... test the waters, see how things go, etc.

      all the best!

  • I'd bail if I were in your position, but that's just me.

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