Do I need to lose weight?

I have no confidence in my body at all
my boyfriend says he likes it
I am a size 8 in skinny jeans and a small/medium top if that helps
I think I am around 60 something kilos
am I too fat? Should I lose weight?

I am no where near obese


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  • 60kg but what's your height?

    • I am around 5"3

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    • Everyone feels that way. I'm sure your boyfriend feels like that at times too. I don't know how long you have been in a relationship for but he's with you for more than physical reasons. He likes your personality and that means much more than losing a couple pounds. You can't change your personality so easily. That's why you need to start building up your self esteem asap.

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  • You do not need to lose weight. You are a perfectly good weight. I think it's all in your head. Believe your boyfriend.


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