Will I ever get married?

I'm a single Christian woman about to turn 30. I've never attracted much male attention, and I'm afraid I'll get even less now that I'm 30. I've always been worried no one will marry me because I'm overweight. I'm working on losing weight, but it's going slowly. Now I'm afraid no one will want me no matter how much I lose because I'm not a virgin (lost it recently), and I'm over 30. Is there any hope for more?


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  • If anything it will be for your low self esteem and confidence that will deter guys. Plenty of overweight, 30 year old, non virgins are married. I am 34, not overweight and attract a decent amount of attention and I am not married but I am completely and totally confident that I will. So, you can keep picking yourself apart and focus on your flaws and wonder why but all it really comes down to is that you have not found anyone yet. But, if you focus on what you think are negative things about yourself and don't have confidence or think you are unworthy you won't put yourself out there to find someone if they are standing right in front of you. Love yourself before you love someone else or else your only validation will come from someone else and you never want someone else to possess your worth.


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  • Possible, though unlikely and getting less likely by the hour.


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