What does it mean when a guys says he thinks of you as a friend and still wants to hang out with you?

We went out on one date and communicated frequently over the past 3 months. He's responsive, doesn't wait 2-3 days to get back. When things started to move too fast (according to my perception), he stepped back and said, I don't want you to think that I'm leading you on, I think of you as a friend, and I still want to hang out with you. He suggested a day and event to hang with his friends (first invitation to hang with his friends), but I declined because I couldn't make it that day. He suggested another time after that day, and I told him I will have to get back to him. He's a nice guy. We are both mature, and we are not playing games with each other. Is he still interested romantically or is it just strictly friendship here on out? Is he trying to set me up with his friends or does he want me to meet his friends to see if they will like me? What is he thinking?


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  • sounds like he just wants to b ur friend. um I can't tell you what he is thinkin but it seems like if he wants to hang out and that's it

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