He had a girlfriend?

I feel so stupid... Ihad liked this guy for 1 year. I was sure he liked me because he would always do thing and take notice we would walk and even bump into eachother he would complement me. I was at the mall with my friend and I saw him there with a girl he introduced her as his girlfriend. They have been dating for almost a year. He always claimed he trusted me and would tell me things that no one else knew. What a fucking liar. He never mentioned her. I feel sooooooo stupid. I would text him before every now and then. But Now I am never text him again I am going to keep it friendly bt what a shock and surprise. whatbif I had never seen at the mall I would have never know he had a girlfriend. Anyways I can't help but feel that no one will ever love me. Is it probably because I am not pretty or good enough. Any words of encouragement.


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  • You deserve better than that and it was incredibly horrible of him to be doing that with you and lying about his relationship. You will find someone who loves you for who you are and be fine 😋

    • Focus on yourself for a while and keep working on yourself! You don't need anyone to be comfortable with yourself and improve yourself. I am a believer that the right person will come along when the time is right

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    • thanks for your time and comments.☺

    • You are welcome 😋

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  • It's okay.

    • Yeah but I still feel like a complete idiot.