Should I try for a second date with the GORGEOUS USAF Cadet?

I invited this guy to go to a Rockies game with me and my best girl friend and told him to bring a friend. We all went to the baseball game and I was kind of shy. We didn't talk much and I'm usually always talkin and screaming during baseball games but this time I was shy and not as much fun because of the butterflies. When we dropped the guys back off at USAFA (they can't have their personal car until their junior and senior year. He is just now an upcoming junior at the Air Force Academy) he came around the car to give me a hug but I said thank you guys for coming and opened the door. I texted him after I got home saying "hey thank you for coming tonight! I'm sorry I was so quiet I was kinda nervous." He said "haha no worries! It was fun!" So I replied with "we should hang out again sometime" he said "for sure! I'm going to be crazy busy this summer with basics, but if you're ever up towards the academy, let me know." I said "I will and if you're ever bored or whatever hit me up and I can come get you and we can go do somethin." He said "sounds like a plan." I like him. I think he is GORGEOUS and funny and adventurous. So I guess my question is, is should I try to ask him on another date just us so I can show him more of my personality or did I blow it with him completely?

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  • Girl you blew it!
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  • Go for it and ask. The worst he can say in no, right.


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