Is there a way to stretch my girlfriends vag a little more?

Okay so she doesn't let me put my d**k all the way inside of her because she says it hurts. I also use a lot of lubrication but she is really small down there and I'm on the big side. I'm 6ft 2in and she's barely 5ft.

We've had sex a lot of times but I can't ever go all the way down because it doesn't fit. What can I do to make her a little bigger down there. I've already tried putting 4 fingers beforehand bUT it still feels extremely tight like a glove down there.


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  • The only thing you can do is get her more aroused. The vagina stretches and the cervix retracts making vaginal canal deeper. If your girlfriend is experiencing pain when you do deep, it means you are hitting the cervix. Even with maximum arousal it only retracts so far.
    Fingering with four fingers doesn't sound comfortable for anyone and it's not going to help make her deeper. It would be like asking you to make you penis shorter. I would try different positions, doggy pushes the deepest so avoid that. Try the spooning position.

  • Well for one, your height wasn't entirely relevant.
    And if you can fit 4 fingers in, sounds pretty big to me already, and like perhaps she's confusing a pain of "not fitting" with a pleasurable pain of it hitting the back and she needs to just get used to that.

    I'm not aware of ways to make it bigger, but if you're so large that you can't fit your penis into a girl who can fit 4 fingers, then perhaps you should find someone you're more sexually compatible with? Or figure out if it really is a "not fitting" issue.

  • First of all you should be happy that its tight :D And the vagina doesn't exactly stretch so easily, even after childbirth it can go back to its original form, but if you really want to, which by the way you should ask your girlfriend about then if you just keep going a little deeper each time slowly it will stretch :D


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