Is it slutty to go out with a lot of guys?

This guy asked me to hangout with him and even though I wasn't that into him I felt like I kinda owed him something so we got kinda... sexual.. but we didn't have sex though. Now this guy is asking me to hangout too and I know he wants to get physical but I'm not that into him... I just never feel anything when kissing a guy and I wanna experiment until I finally like it. Is that bad? And I know I'm not hurting the guys cuz they don't actually like me for more then sex


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  • Is it slutty to go out without a lot of guys... YES!

    "I felt like I kinda owed him something so we got kinda... sexual"
    >> You don't owe anyone NOTHING. No means NO. You are not obliged to do anything you are not comfortable with. If any guy pressures you to do anything tell him to fuck off. Also learn to make better judgements, there is absolutely no doubt any individual doing wrong is solely responsible. But we can make better judgements as not to put ourselves in that position to begin with.

    If you keep experimenting with a lot of guys then obviously they're going to think you're easy, and they wouln't like you for more than sex.

  • Lmaoo pullin


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  • I think it is, to me. No strings attached, one after another...

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