How can I salvage this?

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Well basically, I've been texting and talking in person with this girl I have a summer class with for about 2 weeks now. Yesterday we were walking together after class. We normally do, but usually one of our friends is also with us. Since he wasn't in class that day, we were presumably going to hang out in a study room alone or whatever for 3 hours until our next class started. I didn't want to hang out with her then for some reason, probably because I was being a little bitch Dx. So I told her I had to use the restroom (I genuinely did) and she asked me if I wanted her to wait for me, but I said "nah it's okay just do your thing". She kind of gave me a perplexed look and then said bye. I tried to text her later in the day after school, but she just read my text and didn't answer. 💀💀💀. How should I go about salvaging this? Her birthday is this weekend.


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  • Apologise to her before her bday and explain to her that you felt it would be an uncomfortable awkward change to be just the two of you with no one to break the tie (if that makes sense) and you would love to make it up to her so that she doesn't spend her bday not talking to one of her friend and you could spend the day together so she can understand where you're coming from... the reason why i said before the birthday is because if you do it on her bday the fact you don't know the outcome also mean you don't know whether it would be a good outcome or bad outcome and if its bad you don't want to be the reason why her bday was ruined. Hopefully i helped... good luck

    • I took your advice, to some degree, and it worked (-:. I started off by sending some random funny picture, just to set a light mood. She was actually in a bad mood for reasons unrelated to me and she warned me that she wouldn't be on her phone much this weekend so that I wouldn't take it personally if she didn't reply to a text, so I replied "Ah okay, well in that case happy birthday!". She was really cheered up by that and surprised that I knew because she had only obscurely mentioned it once about a week ago. After that I apologized for "dipping out" on Thursday and said that I was worried she would get bored if I was just sitting there studying. She pretty much accepted my apology and all is well now (-:

    • I'm really happy everything worked out for y'all.

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