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I started dating this girl a few months ago and really like her. However, the past few weeks she hasn't ever started a conversation over text or tried to make plans together. I have tried a few times and been unsuccessful as she says she's busy but will text me later then never does. When I text her she always replies like she's happy to hear from me and uses the typical exclamation points and emojis. The last time I texted her to make sure everything was alright and she just never responded. Its confusing because everything was going great, there was no fight or disagreement and now I have no idea why she doesn't want to see me. Guys how would you handle this situation (let it go, text/call her, try to have a face to face conversation etc.) and girls how would you want/expect a guy to handle this?


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  • leave her alone bc it is clear that she does not want to be with you the way you want to be with her. She is not putting any effort into seeing you or reaching out first. This is a sign of someone who is just not that into you for whatever he reasons are.

    You dont want to keep texting and bothering her if she is not responding most of the time bc you will began to look desperate and that can really push her away. Just be silent and see if she ever reaches out within weeks.

    If she does, dont mention her silence and you not liking this or that bc she knows that and you dont want to put energy into someoen who clearly is not serious and she will expect you to be mad or complain which, for some, they love that its bothering you bc they dont care. So yeah she is just not serious and may hit you up every blue moon but won't be all in bc she is not that interested and you can't make her be

    • The thing is we were together quite a bit the first month or so and then it was like all of a sudden just never. Everything was going well and she just stopped contacting me at all. Is this normal? I mean I feel like I should get an explanation or official break up at the least if she now doesn't want to be with me instead of her just all of a sudden cutting off any contact with me. Isn't that a reasonable expectation?

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    • Thats the question anyone wants answered after a person has strayed away from us all of a sudden. There are all kinds of reasons why a person can lose interests. Thats a part of dating to see hwo you really want. For her, She didn't really want you like she thought she did. She was into you by what you said she was doing but niot ":that" into you. she was semi-interested. WHo knows if she was dating someone else she liked more or you were a rebound and she got back with ex or something you did or about you that later on realized she didn't like and decided she wasn't feeling you no more. You can think you did everything right and she was seeming so into you but you really dont know how that person is feeling about you regardless of their actions.

    • y'all were still in the dating phase. so for her, she was not sure about you yet. so yea she is going to be interested until she realized she wasn't no more for her reasons you dont know and may never know.

  • I honestly go through this with my boyfriend. But he's learning how to handle my schedule. I made it clear from the start that I'm busy and that I have an unstable schedule that changes day to day. I might go in to work for 9-10 hours straight and I always do over time. He knows that my work is so demanding that I don't feel like doing shit after I finish work and I smell so much like work that I don't want to do anything related to what I work in when I get home for at least a few hours. He also understands that my family comes first for me and understands that between my family and my work schedule, I have nearly no days to myself. I'm lucky if I have two days off a week and I can easily do 60-70 hours a week of work.

    • So he's learnt to give me space and I'll text first when I have time.

    • I get the whole busy thing and people obviously have a life outside of their bf/gf, i do too. The thing is at first we were together a lot and then now we never are. Does my situation kinda sound like what goes on with you and your boyfriend? Do you ever contact your boyfriend at all outside of telling him when you are free? Do you at least respond if he texts you?

    • At first we hanged out a lot. Now it's less because I'm the busy one. I don't contact him much outside when I'm free. I tell him "I'm free these days in the upcoming period. Tell me if you want to meet up one of those days." If he texts me, I respond when I have time. It might not be within the first 24 hours, but I normally respond within the first 48 hours. Mainly because I don't always have my phone on me or my phone dies because I sometimes crawl myself into bed and forget to charge my phone for 5-6 days in a row. It's common for me to do 12 shifts + 8 hours on top of that of everything else that's part of my life which leaves me 4 hours of sleep a night. That's just me though. The girl in your problem may not be the same.

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