Why do this man keep looking at my profile but he never messages me?

Same person keeps checking my profile out but never messages me?


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  • He's thinking about it, considering it. Is this a dating profile? He likes or finds you interesting obviously but not sure yet if he wants to message you, and/or doesn't know what to say yet. Especially when most women don't even read and/or delete messages he can't just write anything.

    • If you're interested in him, message him first. It's possible he may never message you based on the reasons above.

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    • Can you block him from seeing? I'd do that.

    • No havE to message each other.. that's mans got issues let him look..

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  • It can mean a lot of things just please becareful

  • anything to look at on your age? sometimes people just check to look at pictures or other things posted. there has been people I looked at their profiles but wouldn't message them. on dating sites its a bit weirder though as its so easy to message people and most singles send out many emails to random singles

    • I know this guy we have history and it's all bad..

    • maybe he is just curious what your up to or being noisy , wonders if your seeing someone else?

  • Because he's a fuckboi


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