How careful should I be?

I am a 19 yo girl who has slept with 7 people in total now - 5 guys 2 girls - so I consider myself rather experienced. Im perfectly comfortable with this by the way.
However, I had a date with a 24 yo guy yesterday who happens to be completely inexperienced and quite shy even with talking about the subject. He doesn't go out much, Im at my students association several times a week. He doesn't go to parties, I throw them.

We had great chemistry, did nothing but talk for 4 hours straight.
However, would he judge me for my past? We're both not religious. And if we were to move on, do you think it would be a big deal for him if I were his first? What if I decide I don't like him soon after?
Less importantly but also crossed my mind, I rarely go without for a month. While we're still just dating and not in a relationship, would it be bad if I still see other people?


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  • He might resent it if you sleep with other guys while you're going on dates with him. He might judge you for your past, or he might not, no point in speculating about that, you'll just have to wait and see. Just try it, there's a chance it'll all work out, if you don't try it you know the chance is 0...


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  • If he asks then he asks and thats up to him really to decide if he wants to be with you, however sometimes it's not a turn off and doesn't matter. It depends on how he views his experience right- so if he holds his virginity important to him then he will take you seriously, but sometimes these things happen nd feelings either become stronger or weaker. You should just be upfront with him on your expectations.

    • He isn't a virgin by choice and he did say he feels positively towards the open mindedness of my students association

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  • your past is the past , not sure he'd be upset by that , maybe that's why he wants to date you , might feel he has a chance to have sex with you if your type to do that. but it be wrong if you were sleeping with other guys just cause you didn't want to go without sex and still claiming to want to date him

    • Im not the "type" to do that. People don't usually assume I am like that and I know this guy through tabletop rpg's. It's not like I live a slutty life, I just have a high sex drive and don't mind my freedom.

      I wouldn't be "claiming" to want to date him, sex and love are two separate things for me. It'd purely be about morality, not about my feelings, if I'd give sex up.

  • I wouldn't like a girl like you at all... Cause you are a party girl...

    He might judge you or maybe not... Everyone is different...
    But if you are looking for a relationship with him then don't sleep around with other people till you know if he is really interested in you or not...

    Cause even if I were to like you and not mind you sexual number and I came to know you are sleeping around while Dating me then I won't see you again ever...

    So be that careful...
    I am just like him... Just a little better version of him... I do go out and don't mind taking about sex or any topic and I am not that shy LOL

    • I don't consider myself a party girl, just somebody with a lot of different interests. I like fantasy books and anime and dungeons&dragons and ballet and metal and climbing trees and also partying and sex. And I study medicine. It's not as simple as stated in the question description, I only typed out the parts that mattered in this specific case.

      Are we "dating" if we walked in the rain talking one afternoon and decided we should do so again though? He did state being interested in me but is clearly taking his time (with 'clearly' referring to more than just this info)

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  • Do your thing... if there is no commitment, you won't be doing anything wrong. Don't worry what he thinks...

    • Don't worry what he thinks? They're dating, if she doesn't care about what he thinks, she better end it now.

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    • I would definitely be upfront and honest with him, IF HE BRINGS IT UP. If not, then I wouldn't talk about it either.

    • That sounds like a fair plan, thanks

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