So today is my boyfriends birthday but when I texted him it says he was offline, I'm not sure what to do since I planned a special surprise for him?

so today is my boyfriends 19th birthday and we're in a long distance relationship so the first special thing I did for him was wake up 3 hours early when he usually wakes up (he's 3 hours ahead of my time) and I texted him happy birthday and said I wish I could come over there and give you a birthday kiss, and it showed that he wasn't online so I thought, "ok maybe he's eating breakfast" so I'm not the clingy type to text a lot so I waited paitiently by doing something else for a couple of hours and then checked my phone and it still showed he was offline (3 pm his time) and then I thought "okay maybe he's having a party with friends" so Right now I'm just doing my regular routine I mean he has every right to not talk to me since I guess he's going to be busy all day. I mean the thing that confuses me is that yesterday he said I'll talk to you later today, but he didn't, so I'm thinking I guess he was busy or if he has lost interest in me. But anyways I wanted to do something special for him by talking to him on the phone since talking on the phone seems more special and saying happy birthday and making him feel special. I thought for sure he would want to talk today so he wouldn't miss me and thinking about me much on his birthday (just guessing, I don't think guys really miss or think about their girlfriends on their birthday) I'm not sure what to do should I just wait and if he doesn't answer (he doesn't talk on the weekend at all) should I just say happy belated birthday to him on Monday and then surprise him or would it be considered weird since then it would be 3 days ever since his birthday? And does he seem interested in me anymore? I know texting doesn't mean much but saying hi then directly after that him saying I'll talk to you later and not doing so doesn't seem like he's interested. What should I do about these 2 situations? Like I said I'm not clingy so I give him space but like I said him saying "hi talk To you later" doesn't seem right.

Well everyone I waited till I'm about to go to bed now and it still shows he's offline. this seems to be bad.
I'm just feeling very sad right now I spent a week thinking of what to do for his birthday I was planning on calling him since we don't do it much and the last time but not the first time we called each other we were joking around having funny conversations and laughing Unfortunately since it's 4th of July weekend I am very busy this weekend and won't be around my phone just my tablet can't contact him with it I don't even have his email because I will be out with friends and family this weekend


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  • 3 years ago today was my ex's bday whom i was in LDR with. I had the same situation and it didn't turn out well, and he was like 'it is all because of distance". I dont have any suggestion for you but i wanted to wish you good luck in this situation and in this long distance relationship.

    • 🙁 I'm so sorry about that and thank you. My boyfriend has always said to me "I want to be with you forever" "it will be really hard for you to get rid of me" "I'll wait for you" and he texted me a lot but then suddenly stopped talking to me as much. I'm afraid he doesn't feel the same way as he did when he said those things and made those promises. But thank you :)

  • It is 4th of July weekend so did he have plans? Did he go to a cabin or something with no internet perhaps?

    • He usually does not go out to much places otherwise he would tell me to inform me, he tells me when he has to go to the store or go out with his guy friends to watch a movie at the movie theater and I would do the same thing as far as telling him where I'm going (because he asks) and I tell him. I just don't get if he was going somewhere and says "hi talk to you later" (that was Thursday morning) after I say a simple "hi". Why he would just do that. so anyways yeah he's still not here (it's been 3 days ever since I last talked to him)

  • Not a good sign. Id think if anyone in any relationship once they see a text or anything from their SO on their birthday they would respond. Why dont you two talk on weekends? Thats a little odd. You guys ever call each other? Why not call him?

    • I'm not sure why he doesn't talk on the weekends. He loves to be outdoors but I don't know if that has to do with anything. He has called me once to surprise me since I was having a bad day so he called me to comfort me. And I get nervous talking on the phone with people because I never know what to say and always ends up with awkward silences. But of course I knew what to say the first time he ever called me. But if I called him, I'm not sure what to say to him, especially if he doesn't answer and leads to voicemail. With me calling to surprise him I know what to say but now that he's not even here I don't know what to say or even do.

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    • If you dont hear from him by the time you go to bed I think then you should be worried.

    • Yeah I'm about to go to bed and he never responded