How does a girl suddenly become invisible to men?

Up until I turned 30 last year, I always seemed to have some nice guy after me. I know it sounds conceited, but I am pretty and look young, and guys and girls say that to me a lot. My last relationship ended 5 months ago. He was widely acknowledged as one of the hottest guys in town, so I guess I may feel a little more fussy in the looks department after being with him (sorry if that sounds shallow, but I can't help it!). I'm over him, but now when I go out guys barely seem to notice me. I think I am quite down to earth and and fun-loving, and have lots of friends to hang out with. Sometimes I look at a guy and smile and he quickly looks away. Sometimes I try to approach a guy, but they act really rude and I feel like an idiot for trying. I feel like I suddenly have two heads! And if someone and I catch each others eye, it's always ruined by happening one minute before my friends want to leave. Are guys more likely to approach when ur in a group or alone? I have tried popping into bars for a quick beer alone but no success either. I feel invisible. It just seems that everywhere I go, no one is interested in meeting anyone, and just want to hang out with their friends. I'm not talking about just hot guys, I mean every guy. I live in the city, so I wonder if people are less approachable? I have two girlfriends who feel this way too and we're starting to dwell on this a bit! Any advice?

I was thinking of sitting in a cafe everyday to create opportunity, bcos that is what I lack. I work at home, and when I go out its either with friends or I'm rushing errands in sweatpants. But honestly, I don't want to waste time sitting in a cafe!


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  • Maybe your looks have changed since last time you were single? Maybe you don't seem as fun and happy as you used to? Maybe you don't dress as sexy? I don't know.

    I know a lot of guys are shy though and don't approach just because they are afraid of rejection. I'm sure there are lots of shy guys there who actually would love to meet you.

    And about those rude guys you approached: Don't let them bring you down, you were probably just unlucky because I think most guys just get happy if a girl approach them.

    • Nup, I'm way hotter than when I was in my last relationship, I work out and I look awesome. I think I dress sexy but not slutty. I think a problem may be that I play electric guitar and know a lot about audio engineering and computers, I find a lot of guys don't like that. Like last night two guys started talking to me and they said they were in IT, so I talked a little bit about IT and they went all weird. I was careful not to show them up.

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  • It most likely has to do with your age. Especially if you are as beautiful as you say you are... I think guys think you are already married, or in a relationship. The guys younger than you are super intimidated and think your out of their league since your older. And the guys around your age are probably already married or not in the same venues you frequent.

    I have a few extremely attractive female friends in their early 30's that are single, and in the same situation as you. One of them is a really popular model in the area. However, they rarely get approached. They are also real busy with their lives so have hard time meeting people.

    Have you tried the gym, book store, organic grocery store, online dating site?

    Good Luck!

    • Oh yes, I'm more beautiful than I said. Oh god. I'm really gonna have to put in some effort here. Thanks for ur help!

  • Its better if you are alone, no body likes spectators, you need to split up from your group and go somewhere by yourself where you can be approached. Their is more girls on the east coast of the USA but more men on the west coast states. So depending on where you live could have something to do with it. Gets harder as you get older, they guys will go for younger ones, less likely to be interested in a serious relationship.

    • Why is that? why are they less interested in committment as they get older?

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    • True everyone is different keep trying maybe try younger if you aren't looking for anything to serious, if you are looking for something serious, online dating, free, efficent, etc

    • You sound alright. You should come over!!!

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