Do you think I should give him a try?

I have been too hung on a wrong guy for years now. I love him but I know there is no point in it. He likes me but doesn't want a relationship and so on... there is hundreds of reasons not to even think about it. He was the bad guy and I was the good girl.
Now I met this guy I like, and he seems interesting even though I haven't felt anything for anyone else than the wrong-guy for a while. So this new guy is a lot like the wrong-guy. I think there is too many similarities, but one big difference is that he seems serious about me. He is sweet and easy to be with. I just keep thinking that maybe I should take those similarities as warning signs. Maybe I should run while I still can? And I dont know, I am not sure if I am ready to jump into it. He seems ready. Should I give him a chance and continue this? After all, I have just seen him a few times. Maybe I should see what happens... I just keep thinking about the wrong guy and how things were so difficult. And how I still miss him. Do you think this is a sign that I am not ready? Or do you think like my friends "this is what you need! A harmless little romance. A fresh breeze!"?

  • No, run fast! Your gut feeling is probably right.
  • He might be better than the wrong-guy...
  • Yeah, let the fresh breeze blow ;)
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So this guy I met first is an immature weirdo. He drinks a lot and uses weed and hat a lot of issues. Things with us never really ended, he wasn't able to just let me go or clear things. I am now getting a little better and used to the idea that he will never grow up enough.
Now I met this guy who is interested in me and I get this fuzzy feeling around him, but I can't fully jump into it because of the past. He also has a lot of these same problems as the first guy, not drinking but othervise very
Similar. And what comes to those problems, they wouldn't have been any problem between me and the first guy. I just would want to avoid them because it may make things harder.


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  • I feel like some important details are missing from this story.

    • Okey, sorry, I just tried to write it as short as possible.

    • I'll add a little

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  • Still not enough details.

    • Haha, I dont know what all I should tell 😂 what do you think is missing? The problems? Well, he has had difficulties with his parents and done illegal stuff. Still does and I am also against weed, he uses it and even if I were ready to accept it in the first guys situation I am not sure this time. I think it might be that I was so hurt from the first guy, that I dont know if I should avoid the negative similarities.

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