The truth about women going for wealtheir, hotter and more powerful men?

So my theory is that men and women both want the best they can get, women usually have the upper hand in the dating game and get to choose much more and have higher standards, under one condition only : the woman has to be Very attractive ( these help too loyal, doesn't sleep around, good personality) .

no one wants a boring or bad personality but women talking about how they want a good personality only is (and no offense) BS, the moment a guy with looks and power shows up personality stops being as important as it used to be, not saying that any girl wants to be a doormat but most girls with options will go to the best guy who shows interest in them.

Its easy justifying getting engaged to the CEO of microsoft who happens to be 6'2 (my height lol), good looking and confident, not super nice but he's good.

now marrying the guy who works at walmart, is 30 lbs overweight and is nice is not ideal for most girls, usually (what i have noticed) is that theyre not attractive, sleep around or their background makes guys avoid them so they settle for less.

My point is, women (and men) want the best so they justify marrying the hot and rich guy by saying how great his personality is, sometimes he is actually nice sometimes he's not, men dont mind rejecting a girl based on looks and admitting it, but women... they start talking about personality but lets face it, actions speak louder that words.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Ey

    I got no problem with em

    U know why?

    Evolution is picking for them, they're picking successful men to produce successful offspring. DUHH

    • thats my point i dont mind it but they keep lying about it , it makes sense so why lie

    • Because then u sound shitty and selfish

    • yeah lol just like looks , i've heard girls say how dare a guy ask them out cause he's unattractive or short but then i insult them and theyre happy about it.

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  • What they mean when they say that is personality wins, everything else is a plus.

  • I want someone my equal, I dont think its cookey cutter for eveyone.

  • The hot/wealthy/great personality or good person/powerful... is a unicorn. They don't exist, lol.

    • they do but very few just like stunning girls who are not porn stars

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    • good luck explaining to your boyfriend that you had 20 sex partners then.

      also they get paid to get naked , classy.

    • Well I'm a virgin so...
      Candice Swanepoel has only had 1 boyfriend and Adriana was a virgin at 27.
      People have a hard time believing that stunning women don't sleep around but actually (and polls have shown this) most stunning women are SUPER picky so it doesn't surprise me they would have 1 boyfriend.

  • The personality is the top thing, though. Everything else is a bonus. So if the guy is above attractiveness as well, great. If he makes a lot of money at a job he loves, great. But if he is moderately attractive, and has a job period, with a loving, trustworthy responsibility, I'd much rather go for that than a millionaire hot dude that is an asshole.

    Now with other women, they have their priorities different. Some women want power. Some want wealth. Some are vain and want hotness as their top thing, and the rest is whatever. If the woman is beautiful, then I agree she has the upper hand in most circumstances. But try being an average looking woman. It's not as easy as one might think.


What Guys Said 1

  • What about unattractive, poor, jerk, asshole asshole?))))