Should I just forget this guy or what? Cuz I'm leaning towards doing that?

So I met this guy through my job, we started Facebook messaging everyday after months of flirting. He's kinda shy and he had a hard time talking to me in person lol but we made plans to hang out. Then his ex came back in the picture, he wanted to work things out with her - I respected that.

Deleted him off fb. He left the job unexpectedly - so I tried to add him again cuz I wanted to be friends. He declined but then apologized the next day and gave me his number.

A month later, he adds me back on fb--looks like they're over. But he never messages or texts me, so I send him a funny text. He responds but I didn't. A few days later, I like one of his photos, he immediately likes one of mine, then I like another of his. He messages me a winky face and I responded "lol goodnight" cuz it was midnight and I was exhausted.

That was a month later- haven't heard from him since. Through a coworker, I know he's been looking for a job and I don't think he wants me to know that (long story). I don't know if I made it seem like *I* wasn't interested bc I am... I just was a little guarded due to what happened before.

But, yeah, I still like him but obviously if we haven't spoken in a month... uhh... yeah lol. So should I just forget him? (I'm assuming he's enjoying the single life for now.)



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