Is this bad or good? Please explain. THINGS COULD BE WORSE, SEX COULD BE FATTENING what does it mean?

Im seeing a man child who posts these stupid memes and he wrote look on the bright side the posted a poster that read "things could be worse, sex could be fattening" we have lots of sex. He texts me all day every day. But he also is an attention needing social media addict. Who flirys and likes every ugly girl who pays attention to him. Im tall, attractive, i cook, I've always been with successful men. he's short with a low level office job but he makes me laugh but if he's making fun of me im out. Please give your input. Thanks!!


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  • Well, you immediately labeled him a man child. You continue to list a bunch of other things you don't like about him. Okay, he makes you laugh. You are still bothered by other aspects of him. Not the best foundation for a relationship.

    I don't get why so many women want to take things so personally. He posted some memes on social media? So what. Maybe he thought they were humorous. They probably had nothing to do with you. Besides that, the meme just sounds like someone is saying "Life suck but at least we have sex to look forward to."

    You sound insufferable.

    • Im trying to understand why a 38 year old man would constantly flirt with ugly attention seeking social media girls and post obscure memes when he has someone who literally gives him everytbing he wants, needs. Im insecure but i know im physically a 10. I make a good living modeling. I may be insufferable you're right but its annoying and hard to undrstand when you are so perfect with someone that they still seek outside attention and post childish things ALL THE TIME. So the meme isn't bad? I honestly dont understand the dumb thing. He deserves the best he's an amazing person. I just dont understand the attention seeking childish behavior. Why isn't a real beautiful sexual dream girl you laugh uncontrolably with enough? Im almost 10 years younger shouldn't i be the crazy social media junky?

    • Well, to be fair some people just crave attention regardless of how content they are in regards to a partner. Both men and women. It can certainly be an annoying personality trait.

      I don't think the meme was aimed at you.

      Beyond that, it sounds like you need to communicate more with him. Attention seeking isn't necessarily a trait that everyone grows out of. It's a character flaw. Let him know how much it bothers you.

    • I did from the get i said its hard for me to uderstand why you're liking these girls and beong on your phone when you supposedly have your "dreamgirl" here. Im a victim of verbal and physical abuse. Im incredibly kind and govong but im fragile. He said he understands but this os all too much. I was hoping thered be a real ressonfor thiese actions amd someone tell me what this dumb mene meant.

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  • I am sorry, but you sound like you think you're way better than him. That kind of behaviour won't help you in the long run.

    • I understand how i sound like that. But i do not think that. I think he's truly amazing and he doesn't see it. He slums it up with nastiness. If i sound like i think im better than the woman he's talking to. Then hell yes. I dont wven have social media i still write thank you cards. The only comments i care about are from my family and friends. Im loyal never cheated. Never married no kids. But thats not the point. he's a great amazing smiley face. Sone one just explain what the hell "thongs could be worse, sex could be fattening. ?-